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Do you believe?
A myth about the existence of Paul McCartney has developed over some time and it is believed that the other three Beatles got a replacement (William) and planted clues in their songs, gatefolds, and album covers, sleeves etc. to tell the public the truth.
Here are the clues...

*These clues are acredited to*

As the story goes, there was a look-a-like contest held by the remaining three Beatles to find a replacement for Paul. The winner (William Campbell)was said to have, after minor plastic surgery, been photographed for album covers and appearances.
In reality there WAS a look-a-like contest held by a teen magazine in 1965.
Butcher Cover
It was announced publicly that Capitol Records was disgusted by the 'butcher' cover, and so was the public, this is supposedly why it was replaced by the 'trunk' cover. Others believe the Beatles themselves had recalled the cover because it showed how badly Paul was injured in his car accident.
More Cover Clues:
1.)George has a dolls head in his hand beside Paul's own head. This means that Paul was decapitated in the crash.
2.)There are teeth on Paul's arm. (the teeth that were knocked out by the accident)
3.)The pieces of meat and broken dolls are to represent Paul's body after the accident.

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Yesterday And Today
This is the replacement for the butcher cover.
Paul being inside the trunk represents him being inside a coffin.
There is said to be a scar on Paul's upper lip. This is the first picture to show that scar. Could it really be Paul then?
More Clues In The Lyrics:
Nowhere Man
"you don't know what your missing, nowhere man can you see me at all"
Meaning: Paul isn't here anymore. Can he see us from Heaven or his grave?
Dr. Robert
"He does everything he can, Dr. Robert."
Meaning: Paul's doctor was named Dr. Robert. He did everything he could to save Paul's life but didn't succeed.
"I believe in yesterday, suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be, There's a shadow hanging over me."
Meaning: Paul's death was sudden. Paul is not himself now or even existent for that matter.

For More Info On The Trunk Cover Visit Our Secon Site and click on the Butcher Cover Page!
Paul isn't facing the same direction as the others. He is not one of them anymore.
More Clues In The Lyrics:
Got To Get You Into My Life
"I took a ride, I didn't know what I would find there"
Meaning: Refers to Paul's driving.
"...and then suddenly I see you"
Meaning: Refers to the girl that distracted Paul(Rita).
"If you drive a car..."
Meaning: Paul died in a car accident
"If you get too cold..."
Meaning: The body gets cold after death.
"My advice to those how die...."
Meaning: Advice for Paul.
Yellow Submarine
"...Sky of blue and sea of green in our Yellow Submarine"
Meaning: The Yellow Submarine is a coffin buried under the grass.(as shown on the Yellow Submarine Cover.)

Rubber Soul
Cover Clues:
The words"rubber soul" are shaped like an inverted heart or a 'false soul'.
If looked at from the right direction it looks as if they are peering into a grave.
I've Just Seen a Face
"had it been another day I might have looked away..."
Meaning: If he had not looked at the girl he would've noticed the light.
"...a man must break his back to earn his day of leisure...will she still believe it when he's dead..."
Meaning: Paul died after an argument that came about when he was working on a song.

SGT. Pepper
Cover Clues:
The standing crowd is attending a funeral for the name that is spelled out in flowers on the freshly dug grave.
The yellow flowers are arranged in the shape of a bass guitar, which is what Paul played. There are also 3 strings on this guitar to show the 3 remaining Beatles.
The doll on the right side of the cover is wearing a white dress with red stripes (blood?). And in her lap is a white car very similar to the one Paul was driving.
Below the "T" in Beatles is a small figurine of the Hindu God "Shiva" - The Destroyer. Notice that its hands point to Paul.
Paul is the only one holding a black instrument in his hands. Black is associated with death.
If you take a small mirror and hold it perpendicular to the center of the drum on the album or CD. Split "Lonely Hearts" in half, read what it says in the album and the mirror.
This stands for the 3 remaining Beatles. '1 ONE 1' =3 The 'X' crosses out Paul.
Gatefold Clues:
Paul is wearing a patch that says 'O.P.D'standing for officially pronouncced dead.
Back Cover Clues:
Paul is looking away from the camera signifying he is an imposter.
With the exception or Ringo they are the same height except paul is noticeably taller than the rest.
George's thumb is pointing to the lyrics "Wednesday morning at 5 o'clock", the time at which Paul died.
A Day In The Life
"HE blew his mind out in a car, he didn't notice that the lights had changed"
Meaning: Paul died in a car, the traffic light had changed and he wasn't paying attention to it.
Good Morning Good Morning
"Nothing to do to save his life..." "You are on you're own, you are in the street"
Meaning: No one could save Paul's life, He had been ejected from the car.
"People running around, it's five o'clock"
Meaning: Everyone is trying to help, and a reference to the time of the accident.
"Watching the skirts, you start to flirt, now you're in gear""
Meaning: Paul is watching Rita instead of the road while driving.
Lovely Rita
"...standing by a parking meter when I caught a glimpse of Rita."
Meaning: Paul was looking at the girl instead of the road.
She's Leaving Home
"Wednesday morning at 5 o'clock"
Meaning: The time of Paul's car crash
SGT. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
"Let me introduce to you the one and only Billy Shears"
Meaning: William (Billy) Campbell is being introduced to the public. This also be interpreted as "Billy's here"

Yellow Submarine
Cover Clues:
The yellow submarine is buried in a hill.
John's open palm is abouve paul's head, showing that he is dead.
Only A Northern Song
"When you are may think that the band is not quite right...the band is a little dark and out of key, you're correct, there's nobody there."
Meaning: Since Paul played the bass guitar the band wouldn't sound right if he wasn't there to keep the rhythm of the songs.
Yellow Submarine
" of blue, sea of green in our Yellow Submarine"
Meaning: The Yellow Submarine represents a coffin, which is buried beneath the green grass.
" a land of submarines"
Meaning: Refers to a cemetery.

Magical Mystery Tour
Cover Clues:
Paul is dressed as the walrus(we know this from Glass Onion)and he is dressed in black(black is to signify death.
Booklet Clues:
There is a sigfn on the desk in front of Paul that says"I You Was" or "I Was You".
In the same photo we see the scar on Paul's lip.
Paul isn't wearing any shoes in any of the photos. (people are buried withour shoes on.
Paul's carnation is black, while the others are wearing red ones.
Strawberry Fields Forever
"I buried Paul"
Meaning: John says these words at the end of the song. Although John maintains that he said "cranberry sauce" if listened to closely it sounds like "I buried Paul".
I Am The Walrus
"...stupid bloody Tuesday..."
Meaning: This was the night that Paul got into the argument with John or George.
"...I am the goo g'joob.."
Meaning: "goo goo g'joob" are the last words that Humpty Dumpty said before he fell off the wall and broke his shell.

The White Album
Booklet And Poster Clues:
Paul is dancing with a pair of skeletal arms reaching out to grab him from behind.
There is a larger picture of Paul showing the scar on his upper lip clearly.
Paul is lying in a bathtub with his head back and eyes closed, appearing to be dead.
Don't Pass Me By
"You were in a car crash"
Meaning: A reference to Paul's accident
"...and you lost your hair"
Meaning: Paul lost his hair do to the fire that engulfed the car.
Revolution #9
"Turn me on dead man, turn me on dead man..."
Meaning: Again if you listen to this song backwards this is what you will hear. Played forwards it sounds like "Number 9, Number 9...".
I'm So Tired
"Paul is dead man, miss him, miss him"
Meaning: If you listen to the end of this song backwards this is what you will hear. Played forwards it just sounds like gibberish.
Glass Onion
"Looking through a glass onion"
Meaning: The term glass onion refers to a casket with a glass top or sides.
"...I told you about the Walrus and me man, We are as close as can be man. Well here's a clue for you all, the Walrus was Paul."
Meaning: John is telling us that the walrus on the cover of Magical Mystery tour is Paul.

Abbey Road

Cover Clues:
The Beatles are in a funeral procession across the street. John is the Preacher, Ringo represents the Undertaker, Paul is the deceased, and George is the Grave Digger.
Paul's eyes are closed and he isn't wearing any shoes. They bury peopple without shoes and when you're dead,your eyes are closed.
Paul is out of step with the others.
Paul is holding his cigarette in his right hand but he was a lefty. (an imposter is standing in for paul)
A car resembling a hearse is parked at the side of the road.
The car soming down the road is headed directly for paul.
There is a volkswagon "Beetle" on the side of the road.
The liscense plate says "LMW 28IF" meaning LMW(Linda McCartney Weeps) 28IF (he would have been 28 if he was still leaving)
Back Cover Clues:
If you connect the dots on the wall it makes a 3. For the still remaining Beatles.
There is also a crack through the word "Beatles"
If you turn the album sideways, there is a skull in the shadows.
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
"So I quit the police department and got myself a steady job"
Meaning: William used to be a Canadian police officer. This will also explain the O.P.P., (Ontario Provincial Police) patch on Paul's arm in SGT. Pepper.
Come Together
"Come together right now over me"
Meaning: Over Paul's grave.
"One and One and One is Three"
Meaning: There are only 3 remaining Beatles, not 4
"He got monkey fingers"
Meaning: The fingers of the dead curl up like that of a monkey
"He got hair down below his knees"
Meaning: Hair continues to grow after death.

New Clue:

All the Beatles's Pictures have WHITE backgrounds while Paul's is RED.  Red is used to sumbolize blood...and we all know what that means!