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Beatle Kids
This is a page dedicated to Beatle Kids. Namely Dhani Harrison, Julian Lennon, Zak Starkey, and Stella McCartney!

Dhani Harrison
This is George's son. George named him Dhani because 'dha' and 'ni' are notes of the indian music scale. Also 'Dhani' is the Sanskrit word for 'Wealthy. Which is fitting because Olivia and Dhani have recently made it onto Britain's most Wealthy list. Even without knowing his last name you can tell he must be related to George. He looks like a clone of his father! Take a look at the pictures Below...

He's got George's good looks, smile, and eyebrows, and Olivia's olive skin. Very attractive ain't he.

For More Pics And Info On Dhani go to Our Second Site and click on the Dhani Harrison Page!
Julian Lennon
"Hey Jude" a Paul McCartney favorite was written for this young man when his parents (John Lennon and Cynthia Powell) were splitting up. This is the son of John Lennon. He takes after his father with good looks and a beautiful talent for music.

They don't look as close as George and Dhani but you can see a resemblance.

For more pictures and info on/about Julian go to

Zak Starkey
Being the Son of none other than Ringo Starr the best drummer ever...what cuold you expect from Zak that he would also become a great drummer. He has toured with The All Starr Band a couple of times and also with such people as The Who. Ringo on his son's drumming:
"He's a more technical drummer than I am‚ He's got good timing like I do, but my style is more laid back. His is certainly not laid-back, let's put it that way. He knows how to hit those buggers."

Zak is the son of Ringo Starr and Maureen Cox.
Stella McCartney
Stella is the daughter of Paul and Linda McCartney. She is a fashion designer.  She was awarded the VH1/Vogue Music an Fasion 2000 Designer Of The Year Award.  She's also and animal activist!  In a PETA magazine in a column about "Compassionate Clothing" she says..."I think fur looks much better on the animal than on a model and continue to be shocked by methods used to obtain real fur."   Go Stella!