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So how big of a Beatle Fan are you? Take this simple quiz to find out!
Write down your answers and when you get to the bottom of the page compare your answers with the answer key to calculate your score!

1.) What was The Beatles's first #1 Hit?
2.)Name The Beatles from oldest to youngest.
3.)What is John Lennon's first son's name?

4.) What and did Ringo originally play drums for?
5.)Who was the original drummer for The Beatles?
6.) Name all four of The Beatles's first wives.

7.)Where were all The Beatles born?
8.)In the movie 'Help' what did the devotees of the dreaded Kaili want from Ringo?
9.)After The Beatles George was in another band which also included Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, and others. What was the name of this band?

10.)What George Harrison cd features the Namah Parvati?
11.)Paul went to school and took the same bus as which other Beatle?
12.)Finish the Phrase: "And here's a clue for you all, The Walrus was ____"

13.)Name 2 books that John wrote.
14.)How many siblings does Ringo have?
15.)Of what religion is George?
16.)What is Paul's favorite color?

Here are the correct answers...

1.)Love Me Do
2.)Ringo, John, Paul, George
4.)Rory Storm and The Hurricanes
5.)Pete Best
6.)Maureen Cox, Pattie Boyd, Linda Eastman, Cynthia Powell.
7.)Liverpool, England
8.)The Sacred Ring
9.)The Traveling Wilburys
13.)A Spaniard In The Works, In His Own Write
15.)Hare Krishna

So What Kind Of BeatleFan Are YOU?

0-4 Correct--I'm Suprised you know how to spell BEATLE!
5-8 Correct--You Call Yourself a FAN?!?
9-12 Correct--Not Too Shabby, But You Could Use A Bit Of Work...
13-16 Correct---You're a Beatle Expert!

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